All the right nutrients. In just the right sequence.

Heat styling. Chemical processing. UV exposure. VITIV fills your hair’s unique needs so it can stand up to the challenges of daily life— infusing it with the right nutrients in the right order to make it strong, healthy and resilient.

Products with silicone ingredients harden on your hair and ultimately counteracts the initial improvement they seem to make, VITIV is embraced by your hair’s cuticle. Instead of sitting on top, VITIV becomes an essential part of your hair. Rich with vitamins and Omega fatty acids, VITIV’s special mix of healthful oils and ceramides restores and repairs, nourishing hair with the complete liquid nutrition that depleted cells crave.

VITIV fills hair’s gaps with damage-transforming moisture. It seals the outer cuticle back together and locks it down, restoring hair’s structure, protecting it against new damage, and bringing out rich, flowing texture and glossy shine.

Energized with health-nurturing vitamins from within, your hair stops breaking down. It becomes smooth, soft, light reflective and cooperative
It looks and feels exuberantly alive