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Ruben Capo

Patty Goudie

Meet The Founders

After 15 years of working together in the beauty industry, patty & ruben saw both men and women experiencing so many hair problems with little to no solution – the biggest being the need to use multiple products to achieve positive results & healthy hair. Their intention was to bring to market high-potency, all-in-one, products with quick results and major health benefits...and poof, Vitiv was born.

multivitamins for your hair

All the right nutrients in just the right sequence.
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And The Magic Ingredients Are?

The proprietary feather weight topical super-food formula acts as a MAGIC MAGNET to fill hair gaps with DTM (damage transforming moisture). It’s power packed with naturally derived vitamin rich ingredients & potent actives like...

Our Superstar ingredient SACHA INCHI contains 17 times the amount of Omega 3s found in salmon, 350% of the daily value! It’s a unique dry oil from the Peruvian rain forest that’s ironically shaped like a star. Extremely difficult to harvest as each pod of fruit ONLY contains just ONE SEED. But we have sourced enough for our needs this cycle.

CERAMIDE LIPID, typically found in prestige skincare, also lives inside of your hair cuticle and it’s job is to act as flexible cement, keeping each strand intact, cementing & sealing the cuticle by locking in moisture. We’re all born with ceramides within our hair BUT blow drying, coloring, the environment, AND even washing depletes our own precious supply.

CHIA SEED Extract, sourced in Mexico, super rich in omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and mega vitamins.

All Clean And Cruelty Free Ingredients!

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