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A 60-second topical trailblazing hair treatment
“TOO GOOD” to bring to the public!

Until now...

Patty Goudie

Ruben Capo

Co-founders & haircare experts Patty & Ruben worked together at a beauty company for 2 decades

Early on, they uncovered a huge miss in the 100-billion-dollar haircare industry.

Giving them the incentive to create and pitch that missing product to the senior executives.

They were constantly told, their idea was brilliant, in fact it was “TOO BRILLIANT”, “TOO GOOD” to bring to the public.

It was constantly rejected, because VIT-IV would “stop the consumer from buying ALL the company’s other haircare products making them obsolete!”


After Patty suffered a medical condition that caused major hair breakage and damage, she formulated small batches of VIT-IV for her own use and never looked back.

The results were profound.
She quit her job and VIT-IV was born!

Broken, dry lifeless hair transformed to renewed, lustrous, healthy hair in weeks. “TOO GOOD” to be true? Not anymore.


What Is VIT-IV?

60 seconds a day to gorgeous, shiny, healthy hydrated hair, replacing the need for MOST other haircare products! First of its kind, 1st step, Topical Vitamin Infusion for ALL hair types and ALL ethnicities applied after shampoo & conditioner.


Why Vitamins?
Haven’t vitamins been around forever?

NO, not in this potent, foundational formulation. It’s like saying all cars are the same!

If your hair was a computer..DAILY TOPICAL VITAMINS..would be the operating system.

Think of it as wearing a seat belt...It’s your hair’s protector and resuscitator. Kind of like sending your hair to the gym every day.


How Does It Work?

VIT-IV is not like a temporary hair styling product that washes down the drain, its benefits are cumulative.

This featherweight non-greasy proprietary formula, has the unique ability to fill hair’s gaps with damage-transforming moisture (DTM).

It seals the outer cuticle back together and locks it down, restoring hair’s structure, protecting it against new damage, and bringing out rich, flowing texture, with a smooth, soft light-reflective glossy shine.

VIT-IV does the work of a complete, complicated regimen of expensive masks, serums, hot oil treatments, product conditioning shine cocktails in just one-step after shampooing & conditioning...60 seconds!

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VIT-IV Topical Vitamin Infusion For Your Hair

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How To Apply

All Clean And Cruelty Free Ingredients!