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1. Vitiv daily hair vitamin

Some of you may be surprised to hear that my natural hair is actually very thick, curly, and has a bit of frizz. As the weather gets colder, I have found that my hair feels a lot drier. Because of that, I refrain from washing my hair frequently in fear of stripping my locks of their natural oils. Vitiv’s hair serum is cruelty-free, vegan, and full of nourishing REAL ingredients like chia seed and Sancha inchi oils that are great fatty acids to protect your hair, make it strong, and revitalize any dryness or damage. When I first learned of this product, I decided I would give it a try this winter as I still enjoy doing a bit of heat styling on it but didn’t want to cause more damage to my hair beyond the weather. When I first tried Vitiv I was pleasantly surprised by the scent and texture of the product. Unlike other hair creams that are heavy and weigh down your locks, post-application of Vitiv, my hair didn’t feel greasy or heavy. Instead, my hair immediately looked shinier and my frizz was kept at a bare minimum.

I’m not one who likes to blow dry my hair—I’d rather let it air dry overnight—and I’ll usually wake up with my hair looking like a bird’s nest. However, when I woke up the morning after applying Vitiv’s daily hair vitamin, my hair was completely frizz-free, detangled, and easy to heat style. While I’ve only tried the product 2 times so far, I have already been super impressed. Not only by the outcome of usage, but by the high-quality vegan ingredients. If you know someone who loves fixing their hair (or just wants a low-maintance way to keep their locks looking amazing all season) then this is the product for them.

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